Thursday, October 21, 2010

I wanted you to stay here holding me

First and foremost, i can sure that all of the students are really busy in october,
because everyone having Final exam? PMR? UEC? or maybe SPM trial?
and yea, i have past my exam weeks and now IM TOTALLY FREE :)
but im quite nervous at my result. *don't be desperate*

but i can sure that, i'm really put effort on final,
although im still surfing net around during exam weeks,
but i've prepared earlier so i'm free sometime depends on kind of subject.
but still i wish i can get what as i hope. :))

Last few weeks, sis went Sarawak for trip so they bought me three of this,
the special flavour imported to Sarawak, why KL don't have? *sob*

Then all of these photo are take by me when i'm really boring while study,
Urhm i think my skills improve :PP *clap hand*
no idea why recently im so into edit some photo with my soft toys,
so this holiday im going to do a drama with my Forever Friends! :DD
okay okay, i know im too free :P

btw I want to introduce you guys the Hershey's extra creamy chocolate!
It's only imported to Singapore @ 1.70 SGD per box ;)
you can get from supermarket, seven eleven of singapore!
i think its quite worth and cheap because its low-fat and delicious :)

Okay then, exam weeks started! :)
Study Study and Study!
went the Tesco new office last week! i love there but,
too bad there's no air condition on weekends:(
so it's like a big oven and i feel breathless seriously ._.

and my sis bought me my favourite chipsmore ;) HOW SWEEET :D

Last Sunday, went d'fortune for dinner as usual,
hmm, still that same, nothing special..
but actually its quite cheap compared to others such as the ship and so on?
I love D'fortune spaggeti much :)) because its special recipe of d'fortune which with chili padi!
so hot and spicy :P Ummmm *dom dom* (Y) :D

20102010, the birthday of my dad, the last day of final, the B.C placement test of us,
it's a SUPER LUCKY day for me, because i passed my B.C placement test with High Level,
and i helped two of the visitors/traveller of malaysia and i showed them the direction,

i feeel so glad to help them because at first i was considered want to help them anot,
but they looks friendly and kind so i decided to help them,
therefore, i'm really feel delightful that i could speak nicely with them.
so i really feel so happy because it is really a cheerful encouragement to me :)))
saya memupukan nilai tolong-menolong and meningkatkan pandangan pelancong :D

*ignore me* talking nonsence ahaha :P

btw im here to wish my dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish him stay healthy always!
love my sporty and active dad because he loves Basketball, Fishing a lot!
i've no idea why im not a sport freak lol. anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ;)
love you and glad to be your daughther. beloved!

xoxo,emily ;)


  1. exam finish lo... i see you type many many english word but know half half la... >.< i still improving my english...i think can learn it in your blog... xD anyway HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

  2. hey :pp
    Blog with english can improve english okay!
    trust me :P
    blog more learn more!
    my english was so broken before,
    but after blog much, my english improve and getting better :D
    use the Google Translate if you don't understand those vocab!
    happy holiday as well :D

    thanks for keep on supporting my bloggie:D

  3. okok... I will go try the google translate... Thanks ya... ^.^v

  4. welcome !! :p
    happy yesterday??
    ahaha xD

  5. aiyo... >.< you mean Sunway ah? most happy la... ^.^ because this is my first time go to Sunway... and it is beautiful!!! ^o^

  6. really? ;D
    glad to hear that you're enjoy it!
    ahaha, cuz at first i though you're joining us, but its okay also ;)))

    so how?!