Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I miss everything about you,

October of twenty five ♥

pictures do talking,
photo remain lovely moment :')

went SunwayLagoon @pik wen, jasebel, weiyang, boon thiam,jia jian :)
of course included the lovely bird man yun and haokian as well! ♥
actually i bring along my waterproof cammie, wait for me to scan it*

Let's Get Wet! ;)
love sunway lagoon always,
because there's full-filled with laugh,shout and smile!

no matter how tired or exhausted after played for a days,
when you reach home and got to the bed,
you'll feel so sweet because having bunch of goodfriends!

no politics, no talking people bads, no stressful,
everything is good! everything is goes on like this :)

first thinking:"I LOVE MY LIFE!♥"
second thinking:"I LOVE MY FRIENDS!♥"
third thinking,"I LOVE MY FAMILY!♥"


  1. lolx... at first WeiYang call me go de... then i want give you and other a pleasantly surprised... haha... so didn't tell you lo... ^.^

  2. yayaya actually weiyang told me dy:P
    ahahaa, but i know!
    weiyang = us lar!
    but never know weihao they all also going,
    such a fate ahah =D