Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you mean it, me to you ;)

You make me, feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream

wuhoo ;P it's been a half past year before we planned this outing,
it's beeeen a loooooong looooong time we didn't gathered like this dy:/
but now the day we gathered :D wuhoo! i love today!

monday was definately enjoyable and delightful ;D awww,
happy enought with you guys! talk and photo coloured my memories!
because i was quite emotional last few days, but getting better dy :)

However, i really love the moment with the girls,
because they joked and laughed all the way long :)
love them much because they're all so sexay and awesome!
I have a gang of sweetheart with me! ;)

Morever, We went pavillion that day for celebrate our doraemon birthday!
oh yes! we used to call her Doraemon because she's cute indeeeeed :D
although she's a prefect but she still perfect to us!
bought her a pair of shoes @Converse
and celebrate her big day @

really hope that you're happy with all of us!
thanks for the day as well :) love yall!
Once again, Happy Birthday to you Qin Ying ;)

You and I, We'll be young forever ♥ ;)

emily ng,

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