Saturday, November 13, 2010

i'm thinking of you,

mates of two zero one zero ;)
*senior middle 1 arts he*

November 2, back to school :)
they all have performance there @ Circle Stage.
and i be the cameragirl that day to capture it so yea, waiting for them.

while waiting they set-up the mic and plug-in guitar,
fate bring me liyong and wei yeeng, so we start camwhore :DD aha.

Then, day after day, was the last week of school :)
so i decided to bring my DSLR to take some really nice photo,
besides, It's class party day as well! ;)

November 9, *class party*
we won the fourth in cleaning competition of school,
so school sponsered our class RM200 as reward :D
we ordered delivery @ Domino as our lunch hiak, delicious pizza yumm, *thumbs up*

play Monopoly aka Millionaires, play UNO cards, Killers as usual,
neither poker nor gamble to us, so yea, we're good students okies!

changed our clothes for our last sport period,
did nothing there actually just laugh there and SHOUT like mad with manyun lol.
they hate insects and lizard too! aha, but i think everyone hate it, WHO LIKES?

After sport period, it's recess time and then, CLASS PARTY :D
wowwww, am really kinda high that day because i took lotsa photo with the sakai(s):p
thanks jin quan and weiyang to be camera man of us ;) thanks lot man!
both of you always that kind, helpful people :)

Sejarah teacher of us, Cikgu Liana * i'm guilty cause i just know her name-.-
btw congratz cikgu, because she's goin to marry this year end 1212 ;)
once again, Tahniah cikgu :)

especially the yen teng hong aka sexy women! -.-
she have no image anymore i think * or maybe she didn't have it before aha.
she's so crazy and she likes to act some fugly and stupid face-.-
almost want punch her my gosh lol. but we kinda used to it aha.
i just wondering why the guys keep YER, like yap weiyang!

I love jeeyean, yenteng, ah neh, yi jie also ;PP
too bad that Jasebel fall sick that day T_T
if not she'll be there also! with all of us sakai(s),
nvm there's always a chance okay,will wait for you again aeroplane queeen♥ :)

November 10, Japanese's visit:)

they went our school and pay visit,
glad to hear few of them enjoy the trip in Malaysia :)
hmmm, most of the CHKL's junior get mad of the twins Leo and Khai-.-
okay i have no idea with it because i keep saw all of them chasin the twins and take photo,
omg... they are just a human, a Japanese.-.-
i think they feel so weird -.- because like came out from Kampung-.-"
Oh My Godness. image of CHKL-.- okay whatever..

After school dismiss, we have the final rehearsal today,
so yea, stay back till 5pm due to it's final rehearsal.
take some photo while we practicing :)

November 11, 111110, big day of us!
today was the performance day of us, the show time is 10 until 11am.
so yea, went for preparation at 9.15am when people go for recess.
dress up and take photo again ;DD blaa. i'm quite nervous that time,
but okay i have to pretend that i'm calm and steady because others are not!
lol.. btw yen teng does know how nervous am i, because my hand like so cold.
omg :P maybe the air-conditional problem okay, not because of nervous.

aha, i love my outfit of the day, because finally i look not that girlish anymore!
at least i have a new try at my fashion sense or what :p lol..
maybe i used to be girlish, but i love the rock way of me also :D
Ummm, *NEW LOOK* of emily ehe :D *(Y)

okay i'm really happy with all of them,
no matter is my classmate or team-mates of society,
i love the moment with you guys!
because i feel warm and fun-filled :)
so yea.

because i have all of you ;)


  1. nice post!!! Weiyang always do something sotsot de... >.< hope next year we same class together... =D

  2. huan,nice post ya...gambahteh^^not juz keep memorise what we have done...memeorise that what we learnt.^

  3. yes jin quan :p
    so it's weiyang ma :))
    if not sot not weiyang dy aha :p
    movie director in the future! :)
    yea!! hope so!!

    yes i know :)
    the way to present our confidence i've learn this time.
    but be confidence!