Sunday, December 19, 2010

All i want for christmas is a happy new year :)

Alright alright, IM BACK omg, really finally! weeks later?
my real cacat laptop spoiled and my aussieland's trip photo like all gone.
omfg, im sad okay :( but what else to do?
I DUN GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE. ew.. *fed-up of it*

i wanna blog this post like few days ago!
when i just wanted to start, my com have an expectable SHUTDOWN again.
and.... no more alive, like.. dead, ever?

i tried days after days,
-_- useless. but at least still have my pretty phone with me *luckily*

umm, i started to write my diary books again! yuhoo *
i love to write diary, decorated it with glossy pens and photos? aww
although blog as well, but diary have privacy right! ain't public post or what?

ta-daaa, :D miss jane the dancing queen asked me to update my blog again,
aha she's like the ones who keep on askin me to update update update.
haha, btw still here greeting for her, ALL THE BEST kay sweetie!
your competition today! and yet I NEVER FORGET that i've promised to text you!
I LOVE YOUUU, support for you like always ;) my sweetheart!

hehe, anyway i feel these weeks like meaningful dy,
because tuition lesson started, do housework,like everyday?
hmm :) i'm looking forward for christmas and new year!

school holiday is like two weeks to go and...
reopen school! and we're going fight for SPM the goverment test!
not the last year of secondary school of mine, but still.
WORK HARD, STUDY HARD AND PUT EFFORT on it right? no matter how. :)

hmm, but i still havent get myself a planner :(
btw i bought few wrapping paper! one for book-keep, and one for my to-do-books.
yipee,yet i need a nice PLANNER badly .__. hmm? any suggestion?

oh ya, days of december was good to me!
not too boring and kinda fun! :D

and today i joined my sis and her colleague to celebrate her big day :)
actually officially of the date is 1220! but still here to wish her HAPPY EARLIER BIRTHDAY!
hehehe, actually i decided to buy her a GAP t-shirt but too bad she don't like it ._.
hmm, so im going to pack her an angpau as what mum suggested. LOL
maybe cash are much more useful than thingy she don't likes right?
umm :) anyway i have a good good night today!

it's really awesome to eat and chit-chat all the way!
haha, btw i really wan recommend this branch @ Dave's One Utama !
IT'S REALLY AWESOME! i rate for 4 over 5!
the foods and drinks all are really much more delicious than TGI Friday's!
hmm, try IT! never regrets and it so worth!! aw, i'm in-love with it! o-lala :D

:) hehe btw i'm going to singapore next week with joyee!
sooooo,stay tunes okay! love you guys! :)
ta-da, honestly :DD i feel great when i saw yours facebook's "like" in my blog.
it's encouragement x) ain't self-boosting, just.. aha :P
thanks for support my friends! :D i feeeel delightful and happy indeeed!

happy reading! xoxo

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