Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lucky. :)

i don't feel like sleep earlier tonight right now,no whys.
although i know im having tuition class tomorrow.

i'm just feeling like been few weeks happiness around me,
no emotional, no unhappy, no upset tonight :) i feel great.

just simply wants to blog,wants to left myself some times,
time to blog i think :) aw.

seriously i feel blissfully,indeed :)
nothing much to let me worry now.

i wanna changed myself so much,
although i know everyone is imperfect,
but still i just wanna to be a better ones, a real better ones.

i don't want to be a lazy girl anymore,
i know i find a lot of excuses to myself.
i know myself so well seriously. excuses.laziness.blame lots..

practice makes perfect sucess,
laziness makes late sucess.

okay, i really really wanna to work hard next year,
because of myself and not family anymore.

last time i thinks that i work harder for family,
but now seriously i think all of these are ridiculous.
because we live our life ourselves. but not others right?

family are the encouragement of you,
they sponsered you, they teached you, they stay with you, they care you.
they love you, they support you, they trust you, they live with you.
they help you, they encourage you,they cheer you, they be with you. :)

to me,i really thinks that family the best things and the most important in my life.♥
they won't break up with you, they won't abandon you, they won't be fake to you.

sometimes maybe they scolded you, they look you down, they pissed you off,
but actually they're just good for you and they are trying to protect you.

it's for my own good seriously.
so don't blame them and don't get mad in front of them.
be a good daugther and son. don't make them sad and disappointed.
because they're just trying to be a nice parents for children.

i blamed and shout to them before,
but when i grown up like this year,
i think yelling on parents are there worst things ever as a daugther! :/

seriously all of these are feelings from my deep heart,
um feelings seriously won't appear often.
so i really feeel great after post all of these out like few months once?

maybe you'll think i'm talking nonsence? but it's meaningful to me.
gosh, thats why everyone being a character in life.
being as daugther, being as students, being as leader etc?

it's 01.41am now.
parents went out for grabbing some fresh seafoods and vegetables?
hmm :) i love you my dad,my mum and my sisters :)

an advice too you who reading this. :)
be appreciate that you have now, be appreciate of your family and friends. :)
life is wonderful :) thinks possibility!

"Never forget yesterday, But always live for today :)
Because you never know what tomorrow may bring you,
or what it will take away from you."

Be Thankful :)

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