Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011. the brighter side to live.

hehe.hello people! im starving for few weeks dy.
I WANT BLOG so badly! my laptop both were dead.
omg, but luckily i still have iphone with me :'(
or else i have no idea what i would be.LOL

Umm, it's the second day of two zero one one :)
before that guitar aka the big family gathering and juniors one holiday camp,
it's really made my weeks man! :) not only housework and homework!
booo, five of us are really the best teamates aha.
weeee, i know im afraid of it. but i will try to control myself next time!
good show babeee :*) i love you guys! jiaqi,youcheng,taikiat,yiming!

*photo from youcheng*

christmas and new year passed
although i don't even went out for celebration or what?
but i think have a really good night :p

hanyik low called me and we chit-chat like around one hours.
aha. he spread me the highness of newyear countdown party to me!
oops. okay enough of mention we have to go haha. *MUST*
for sure this year end we will go Sepang Gold Coast okay:P
penang's kaki! DEAL????

and happy birthday to jack
okay it's our very first conversation yesterday.
so sweet man! aha. i waited for youu for whole night!
although im not the first ones but with my sincerly heart :P

hahaha. it's time back to school tomorrow.
i've fully prepared and i'm ready for it :)
5AXin. i guess will be an amazing ones!

can't wait that kah mun WE'RE CLASSMATE again!
awwww :P and the korean In seong aha. hey i mention about you!
seriously i miss you guys do darn much. my sweet friends :P
kairui, weiyang,jiajian, jasebel, manyun,jeeyean,yenteng etc.

and my sweeties aka the most sexiest girl in this planet!(Y)
can't wait to see you girls tomorrow! our classroom are so near hehes
kah mun,jane jiawen, casey chyi, cathfrine chwin,liyong,zsying

hmm and yes! finally i dress up my pretty planner:p
i wear her a pink heart shapes polka dots dress ;)
hehehes. i love you. you'll stay with me for the whole year :)

school life i'm back! SPM only wad. what to afraid?!
all the best in 2011 and have a fresh start.
goodbye unhappy. goodbye heartache. goodbye tears. ;)

hope my family and friends will have an awesome 2011.
and stay healthy always! healthy is wealth right :)
let go the old one, brand new ones is waiting for you to catch it!

Listen to your heart, it might stop tomorrow.
Listen to your mind, it might end today.
Trust your gut because true friends will always be there.

:) 0101. the story begin.
you're amazing,
just the way you are.♥

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