Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fresh Start ;)

aww. twenty evelen passed a weeks.
umm, school days so far still awesome to live with :)
I have my sweet bestfriends, cute classmates, funny teacher and loveys people ;')

i'm senior two students.
could you ever accept it? I'M ALREADY SENIOR TWO.
gosh, time past by twinkling the eyes,
every single day we lived, catch up the memories like this :)
and everything is going on like this (?)

umm have chat lots with my cute classmate in Facebook yesterday
love the group chat box, it's mix us up and made my night (♥)

whoops, you guys just simply amazing,
WITHOUT STRESS ♥ personally love this class!
It would be a warm and fun filled class i guess :)

besides,kah mun and leyi i want sit with you girls! :'( *pray hard*
i want be your seatmate although you're quite like to bit me LOL
hahaha, happy seatmate this weeks :DD sharing of books and foods aha.
you're way too cute and sweeet babe! :P

hmm ") yesterday i went Pavillion for Paranomal activty two with them,
xinchyi,hanyik, weiyang, jasebel, yun chin and chwin.

like oh yea, finally we gathered. olala :D
didn't spend much time on chit-chat but still have a nice saturday!

btw daddy bought a MacBook PRO so i have a new family members of Apple :D
na na na, can i say MacBookPro is simply AWESOME! gosh
i love the windows of Mac! and the webcamie (Y)
whoops. somemore have iPhoto iChat which can connected to iphone?
okay as what my sis said, I'M ADDICTED TO APPLE :P

hahaha, oops.
oh ya just past the book-keeping test and so on the history open booktest,
umm it's might be toughful year but sure i can pass it right :))
ALL THE BEST TO SENIOR 2's let's fight for it together! woooo!

3 weeks later is CNY yay! can't wait for it!
hope you guys have a nice weeks and happy sunday! ;)

Don't waste your time thinking about the what if's in life.
Do what you want, you only live once. ;)

much of loves,
xo, emily

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