Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNY's holiday mooooood ♥♥♥

hihi :P suddenly have mood to blog so i'm here :D
okay jane jiawen was the only one keep ask me to update,my beloved girlfriend! love her! ♥

hehehe, okay its February 08 today! two days later! my sis christine birthday! ;)
SO FAST RIGHT! so one month past, gosh, slow down okay.

november........ 8 month left. okay keep remind myself it's SPM this year!
don't always hold those holiday mood! get over it easily what! hmm,

btw i love 2011 cny! :D took a lot quite-nice photo! ahahaha :D
not self-praising i mean every of us ;) so as they said, we are all grown up!
okay im still unacceptable that actually i'm SEVENTEEN, form5,senior2?!

Reunion Dinner ONE, 0202

0302, very first day of CNY!


will be continue ;)

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