Wednesday, February 16, 2011

they spell the words, LOVE. ;)

Fun-tastic february (♥)

seriously i really love February! :D
it's darn awesome month to me, busy but fun-filled!
first at all was CNY celebration, so on CNY Performance, outings, valentine's day (♥)
and the freaking wild party, go wild :D

aww, glad to have bunch of friends like this!
have lots of fun when i'm with yall!
you all are irreplaceable and amazing! TEEHEEE :D
unforgettable night we had ;)

Guitar Society's!!
sometimes really have tiring practice during public holidays,
and blaming around that have to cancel those outings,
but still do enjoy when we sing together and play around like crazy :D
whooops! hey, i want and must learn #SpeakNow! MUST*
strumming is a lil bit awful to me BUT okay i will cross it over :)
you guys are PART OF MINE, with me in guitarland (Y)

i don't want only to be singer, i want to be GUITARIST :D
okay i'm going to get myself an acoustic guitar!!!! ♥♥ byebye my topshop vintage baggg :'(

okay out of topic -.-"
LOL. hehehehe, oh ya i miss the last outings with my babe S and J!
very first day of february we went mid valley and take the damn crowded KTM,
GRR. really sucks, i took this the second time, i SWEAR there's no more third time, zz
seriously can't stand with it, toooooo crowded.

by the way i really have lots fun with the girls ;P
but too bad Chermaine and HJ couldn't make it that day :(
but never mind, there's always have next time right! waiting for it!!

then was our very first gathering with my super VIP :D
xinchyi jasebel HANYIK weiyang and andrew.p :D

finally we gathered like after PENANG TRIP-.-" ohmygod, miss yall!
we went for lunch and talk that day in pavillion, they all late! ended up i wait them like half and hours!
and we met nicholas teoh there-.- crazy right, btw im not fans of him so anyway :D

hehee, okay and my valentine's day :D
OHMYGOD. :D okay I'M REALLY GET HIGH like crazy that day-.-"
after school dimiss, our superb gentlemen inseong fetch us back to my house!
ohmygod, he's so kind isn't it! ;D we keep shout in his car, lalalalaa ;D
and the very first time i heard he speak in korean! ohgosh epic!

okay after dress up and prepare all of it, Kheng sin went my house and pick us up,
thank you again! :D always drop me here and there, thank you my bestie bro ;)
and meet mein er again ;p she's cuteeee still that cute :D hehehe,
afterwards went e@curve for movie and dinner with J :)
went back to kahmun's place and rock the night! :P oopsie,
i know im bit out of control but i SWEAR-.-
no more wine vs beer to me anymore! image spoiled and feel so dizzyyyyyy
BTW HAVE LOTS FUN THAT DAY! okay i still can't forget how the way ely got drunk ;P HAHAHA
third round,went sgbuloh mcd with woonfeng boonthiam bingqin, wengshun, quanfeng,
2.30am home sweet home with xchyi cathfrine and liyong :)
thanks for all the way take caring and fetching us back.
you guys rocks :D love yall! you guys are amazing :D

*especially zhiqin, always lending me a hand when i needs help ")
thanks kah mun for inviting me to this really rocks party!
thanks inseong,khengsin, woonfeng,bingqin, boon thiam for being our driver!
and J, oops i know i make you so darn worry but grr, promised you no more next time,
thanks for everything ") you made my night B!*

lastly hello hanyik, Mr and Mrs Incredible is so that incredible GRR. the "best" movie ever, -.-"

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