Monday, March 14, 2011

live for today, hope for tomorrow ♡

seriously i can't stand for the speed of facebook photo upload-.-
too slow as the internet thingy damaged? um, whatever
as long as i'm not a Facebook-addicter anymore (;
prefer #TWITTER! so now i can live without facebook (Y)

aha, whatever, oops!
just finished exam last weeks and start our March Break (:
and happy belated birthday to xinchyi and boonhann!!

whoops, i don't even know why am so stressful of the exam this time,
maybe it's like the very first exam in 2011 as a candidates of SPM,
that's why it's push me to study and put effort on it,and my classmates,
they're freaking smart and otak cair you know-.- i don't even give up one subject this time,
gosh, 5AXin's crazy, no-ones lazy, it's good for us seriously!

oh yay (; last sunday went Putrajaya the very first time for the charity walk of Tesco,
Walk for kids, Walk to give homeless kids a home. (: met friends there as well!
seriously i love joining charity walk as i really think it's really meaningful (:
hmm, joined tesco charity walk as usual, never skipped until now, ehehee,
join mee people, lol but i think no-ones will-.-" they think like wasting time, lol

erhm, back to topic, (:
i hope i hope really hope that i can get the result which i really satisfy,
hope careless mistakes don't affected my result gosh,
anyway (; i have lots fun with 5AXIN's teeheee :D

found out they're really awesome! LOVE THEMMM!
went pavillion with them last saturday, (: happy outing!
and i even took photo with trophy of UEFA Champions League,
i want Beckham and C.Ronaldo jersey man, goshh, GIVE ME. *in dream*

and today (; went back to school for the cupcake course,
saw Kok Lip and ShengYan there aha, happy to see them (:

ingredients of cupcakes topping actually kinda easy to get,
but so hard to control and make the shape as it's kind of sugar,
so it's actually will melt because of our hand temperature,
so hard to control it like create the design randomly.
so i did something four cupcakes but only one simple and the nicer-.-"
LOL, btw have lotsa fun todayyy with cakelicious's! :DD
they are amazing,and met new friend today (: YiHuan!

today morning snapped lotsa photo around school-.-
lol, as jia qing there be our photographer, so he helped us took lots photo,
ss ones, but i look so pale today, *unlike*
i need a new profile pic, so desperately-.- boring with the current's one, -.-

besides, earthquake, tsunami happens in Japan and Vietnam. :'(
we can't stopped these happen, so go green kay,
the only stuff we can do and help. use recycle bag and x plastic bag!
earth is so sick, :'( just hope everything will be okay,
atmosphere can recover, temperature won't increase anymore.

Appreciate what we have now,
Be contended, Be Cherish, Be Treasure of everything,
seriously we don't know what will happen the next,
no matter end of the world is it coming towards,
just live for today kay, don't let regrets happen.
so, ENJOY our life, don't be unhappy, life is too short to waste!

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