Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pray for japan

Dear world, please stop messing up the planet.
The earthquake in Japan is a wake up call to all of you, humanity.
Pray for Japan, earth is so sick, we should do what we can do before if it's too late. :(
go green people, Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. say NO to plastic bag.

EarthHour! Let's join it people, save the earth,
It's ten days to go, March 26, Saturday.

i don't care whether if is the end of the world coming to us,
what i care is don't let regrets happen. what you want to do today, do it.
don't wait D: because we don't know what will happen the next seriously.

but now what we can do is
pray for the resistance of japan, pray for the world,
wish our world can be saved,
tsunami, earthquake, pollution,so far yet so near to us :(

we are so lucky as a malaysian,
our country have no any of this, at least we're safe,
we don't need to worry, stress up and afraid everyday even every moment.

hope the world can get well soon, neither illusion and pollution.

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