Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time after time.

It's just left only last 9 days then it's trial already. Kinda nervous of it /: 64 days left till SPM. maybe we should have faith and confidence to cross all of this. SPM only what.Examination of Government which is related to our bright ways in future right. Maybe for us who staying for senior3 we still have SUEC. but still no ones can granted for us,future. Don't ever thinks that "Aiya, we still have SUEC what. SPM means nothing for us." this is a big NO. who the hell out there actually think of this are really silly. We should try our best to get a better result right. Maybe we are getting lazier like lack of exam mood. But hey. Buck up babe BUCK UP. There's not really much time left for us already. Not yet start for revision? START IT NOW! No ones is going to nag you all the time right beside you. So please.. Work harder nch! Time past swiftly. Always remember this. You can get nothing if you don't even pay.


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