Thursday, September 1, 2011

那些日子 .... ;)

From July,
The way we return the rainbow guitar music concert :)
A special day for us guitar's :)

Then it's my house warming party,
it's really happy to spend time with all my beloved buddies,
not really talk that much that night, but still
glad that yall actually enjoyed (:
homemade cup cakes from we siblings :*
thanks for yall my bro ;) thanks for coming all the way.
and yall :) spending the whole night with yall
hehehe (Y) my babee and buddies :* youguysrock!
lovelies 5axin's :D

From August,
have family gathering at maa place,
okie steamboat as usual :p our all time favourite!

first day of raya,school holiday,
went manicure and legs scrub treatment with siblings @ kota damansara :P
candy pink :P young colour isn't it!

went the gardens at night with sis and had dinner at purple cane :)
Clumsy & Smurfette :D cute!!! :*

went book fair @ KLCC :)
bought few books and i'm gonna hide it in case that i start reading!
Cecilia Ahern's the book of tomrrow, where rainbow ends, thanks for the memories

Till September,
okie, and today (: the first day of september,
went for movie-The smurfs with sis @ Wangsa walk mall,
have brunch at FullHouse (:

random post before holiday ends,
study moood on! (Y) aza aza fight for SPM, 19 days to go!
all the best candidates of SPM, UEC & PMR !
Let's fightttt for it! xx with lots of n

Lastly, enjoy their trailer & THEME SONGS! :)

ishhhhhh, okay i'm having smurf fever now,
lalalalalala~ sing a happy song :D (they're a lil bit annoying ;P)


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