Friday, December 9, 2011

back to december,

never though of 2011 are actually almost end and everything was like a dream,from january till now everything pass just, so swiftly.
like my last blog post till now, everything is over already.
SPM are finally over after a freaking torture month.

i don't know how to describe my feeling like friends around are leaving chkl,
the moment,when they went to school department and get the pink papers....

it's one of the worse feeling ever. but we still can keep contact right,
don't be sad. they are chasing for their dreams (:
so should be happy for them, anyway best of luck friends! (:

it's been five years as a chkl students,
things changed,time flies by twinkling the eyes..

i have no idea with the life without high schools,
now i started to afraid about the future. new environment, new friends, new me(?)
i really hope i won't regret if i made decision to stay senior3.
and i swear i gonna work harder next year, it's my last high school life!!!(not saying only.)

so, keep all the books and workbooks,
threw away all the notes and past year question. oh yay.
uec subject ain't that easy... but sure can do it rightt,
most important things are, DON'T BE LAZY.

so, now enjoy my holiday first xx right,
a really short-term holiday but have lots planning
so i think this holiday will be enjoyable! :p

so the day after exam, i actually went e@curve,library with friends (:
not really drink alot that night, and i actually drive (for the first time at night.)
ahaha, so funny i'm sorry if my driving skill freak yall out :P

but anyway wearing white dress remind me the song written by taylorswift, aww (:
She wears a white dress
She sees the light and it's saying 'come back'
She's out the door but she hasn't left yet
And I start believing her when she says that
The city's gonna save her love
and i actually went mani and pedi last weekends!
have fruits stone on my fingers nail! cute enough right,
but actually not lasting at all,the stones drop easily. hmm not good :(

one day before SPM, was sunday
so i actually so brave that i spend the whole night hanging out to Fahrenheit!
went Shogun for buffet dinner with my relatives from US (:
aww, it's really happy to meet them up. (as the first time.)

btw i personally think, this branch are sucks-.-"
they don't have nice service, less choices and bad environment!
sis actually get hurt because of their chairs.(too bad)
and the food are not really nice as OU's branch, they refill really slow.
even though they have buddha jump but erhm.. not that nice seriously.

by the way we still enjoy ourselves with family :*
as long as we gathered and have chit-chat around!

then it's the first week of november,
went Chui Hua Lou attend my mama's side relatives wedding dinner.
food there are quite nice teeeheeee :D

and lastly thanks for these lovelies!

thanks tuan for these, O.P.I nail colours and's guitar pick sets from NYC!

thanks sister for the macaroons & cookies of famous amos :D

thanks jiazhan for the balloon so lovely!!
and thanks for leakyee for this keychain!!
so pretttty :)

even though it's quite late already but
yet HAPPY HOLIDAY peeps! :D

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