Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the reason is you ♥

First of all i'm here send truly wishes for my cousin sister,carino (:
congratulation to you that found your true love,
and stay sweet for life kay! congratulation biaojie (:
#Brandon and Carino's wedding days! 121211

went to be jimui gang the morning from Royal Selangor to OneWorld,
this is the first time i be jimui :D i still remember the first time i actually be hengdai,
haha my biaoge's wedding at few years ago, haha.
this time is so mean seriously, we actually prepared wasabi drink for the guys,
urgh so mean, but no idea once the whole life right:D

and night actually went Grand Imperial-OU branch for wedding dinner
have lots fun that night as biaojies get drunk and we capture NG's family photo.
argh it's really a warm and awesome day to have everyone gathered. (:
#NG's for life (:

December 12,

today is a day we waited for almost a year,
haha, we actually miss each others so much and finally both are available for outings (:

she's my best friend who more than a friend,
people around know that i really love her like my dearie sis :D
it's really special to have someone like this, we have 2 ages of gap,
but we are superb best friends and close enough.

hoho, it's really happy to have you darling yuee♥

so we went KLCC, Pavillion, Sg.wang and LOT10.
we walk from 12.30pm until 8.30om. lol
power of shopping ♥ girls actually don't feel tired of this :DD
find out sungei wang actually have a big chance as 6th floor have lots new boutique
but really sad i get nothing that day, only get a ribbon necklace for twenty bucks.
btw MANGO is having sales alreadyy!! up to 50% girls!

have Gong Cha @ KLCC. have wintermelon milk tea,
I REALLY LOVE THIS! so niceeee!
i actually like GongCha than Chatime already,
all of the milk tea taste milky than chatime's! highly recommended*

beside, i bumped into yenteng,yeetoong jasebel and mickey at F21 :P
haha, so funny when yenteng saw me, her reaction from :O to :D!
so cutee, have a really short talk with em, hope we can hang out this holiday okay!
waiting for yall to date me, miss you girls so much!!!

anyway have a really nice touch up with yueling,
your stories make me excited of taylor's lifee! :p
cannot wait for future that we going be schoolmates like again!
love you xx

and lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAYLORSWIFT! #foreverswiftie (:

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