Thursday, December 22, 2011

明明很愛你 ♥

December 15~18 PANGKOR ISLAND.

Seriously after this trip i will be back there like again!
people there are really friendly and helpful, we actually meet a lot nice aunty uncle there.
even though i really sick there, but it's really nice to have fun with friends (:
but this trip taught me, must take good care of yourself before depart to out station kay,
or else it's gonna be super suffer and bring lots trouble for the others.

but i'm here truly appreciated and thanks to all of em (:
thanks leakyee, guoyi and jiazhan taking care of me.
thanks leakyee for taking care of me and staying by my side when i'm like a sick child.loool.
thanks guoyi for the cooling stick and breads!
thanks for the concern guys and thanks for your text when i need someone. (:

but something i must mention here,
a really big thanks to my sis huihui, omg ):
i shed tears when she actually offered to come pangkor and send me home
it's really warm when you feel really sick and helpless,


so back to topic, pangkor island. hohoho.
actually we though this trip are going screwed as really lots stupid things happen before this,
but thanks for everything friends, thanks for the cooperation make this trip complete.

actually really need thanks Alex JiaZhan for this,
he is the ones who planned everything, CREDIT TO HIM (: haha,
okay next time who wants to travel find him, he is FOC trip-organizer :D
and thanks my parents, who actually get us a van driver to fetch us all the way to Lumut. :)
but some communication problems that makes 3 of yall have to take coach,
a really big sorry. hope yall can tolerant of us kay, as lots emergency stuffs happened.

After reach Lumut, we have lunch opposite of the terminal at Mamak Stalls,
walk around the jetty which have lots stalls selling Pangkor T-shirts,maxi dress,souvenirs and slippers.
(we bought our pretty dresses there! :p can do some bargain right there)

bought the ship tickets to pangkor island, and it's only RM10 for two ways,
they have no time limit, you just have to show the workers your tickets will do (:
there are three counter inside the terminal, just buy from either of it, it's the same!

Lumut to Pangkor take us around 20 minutes,
till the pangkor jetty, we walked to our hotel for only 5 minutes.
short distance isn't it? lol at first we actually wan take cab but a kind uncle scolded us and ask us walk there.
okay we save for RM12! (market price RM10 for 11pax a pink van. additional chargers for extra pax)

oh ya we stay at BESTSTAYHOTEL the whole trip,
okay best stay hotel really have a super kind boss there,SIMON TAN!
BestStayHotel is reallly best staying haha,
the hotel bring me kind of feelings like it's my home.
workers there are friendly though (: and we walk inside without slippers #likeaboss

feedbacks are really niceeee! he say he will give special discount for us the next time we go ;P
i think he started miss us already :p our noisiness and friendly-ness hoho
but really sorry if our noisiness actually brought you lots complains lol

so whole journey we went SeaView Beach, Coral Beach (:
they have snorkeling,banana boat,flying fish and etc.
(but i'm with ill so not really played alot there.)

Day ONE,

Day Two,


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