Saturday, June 9, 2012

As a colleger ;♥

when blogger is not a trend...
friends who used to blog are not longer active anymore..
so do i...

even though i'm not that active but i still blog about my life :)
cause i know someone called janejiawen still reading :P

so it's june now :)
my orientation day start on may 28! first class start on may30..
so college for me like, everything's new! new people, new environment and new course.
but actually i like the timetable of college, the time is like quite flexible..
but the 3 hours break every tuesday and thursday is like bit. not perfect.

cause me like stuck in college dk what to do,just library every tues&thurs.
but quite easy to spend it after meet ze crazy bunch of collegemates :)
haha going lunch with em, and stoning in the library taking photos!
some time fashion bazaar in lakeside make us full-spend our time together!

but i still miss highschool,indeed..
high school are way more relax even though we got ten periods per day..

three of my lecturer are really nice and they are so friendly!!
i'm so lucky to have the funniest maths teacher to teach us pre-calculus teeehee :p
btw now we have assignment & essay writing started and it's only week 2..
short-sem i have for eleven weeks, after that will have new sem and.... WORK HARDER!!
idk why college life like pass so fast!! but living good life, i bet :)

k lah k lah, i dont feel like crapping a lot here, just photo will do words kay :)


i think i'm the lucky ones to have you all :)
idk why i feel really warm and happy to spend time with yall..
at first in my though was really afraid to come a new environment and change the language,
but after all i realize i also can do it as english-speaking is not really hard..

just be brave and :) hey you can do it!!
thanks Rachel :p idk why i feel like we've know each others for long time,
Thankyou for being so real to me :) and i really love you idiot! :p *muacks*