Saturday, June 9, 2012

on my eighteen birthday,

not supposedly to blog here as there's an 850words essay waiting for me lol.
but just blog first lah, feelings are strong & i wanna write it down....

first of all, i wanna thanks for my sisters-chaiyin chaihui & chaiming,
thanks for giving me such luxury gift as my eighteen birthday,
i really like it kay, i know sometime i really don't know how to express my feeling,
i just like "OK AH" -.- but actually i'm like SOOO HAPPY ok. 
and i really like blue recently, idk if yall notice it? 
btw i will cherish it and take good care of it!!!! :)

thanks for sayang me like giving me lots of love,
i always very proud that i have three siblings that really sayang me to the max!!!
i very very very de happy to have yall always bring me makan this makan that,
buy whatever i want for me, and being so nice to me....
i'm the luckiest mei mei in the world.. too shy to say it out,
but i very love you all one :) thanks my sis!!! 

还有爸爸妈妈,如果没有你们把我生出来,这个世界就没有我. :)

then the next is my boyfie & babe girls!!
Thanks for the surprise party and i really..shocked that day.
dont feel disappointed that i don't cry that day okay, haha but i really surprised even though i've guessed some of it and doubt that :p

haha by the way thanks for everything! oh my gosh, you three are all J's..
Jack,Jane,Jacqueline :p hahhaa

is really nice catch up with you girls that day and omg i feel like the time past so rapidly.
seriously i dont think we actually really talk! i feel like only 30% of it only AHAHA
girl's talkative power. lol blah blah blah non-stop...

and thanks junming haha :) i didn't know you actually plan this for me like one month ago, 
and jiawen!! ask maaa bro all together, oh my gosh :) love yall.

until today when i blogged about it i also still can feel the happiness.*heart melted*
thanks for all of you who actually come, who wanted to come, who can't make it.
i mean thanks alot :) haha andrea i never know you also been invited! and leakyee,
it's okay, you are indo right! no hard-feelings :)

and i'm really feel like, wohaaa, loved by people around me. i feel loved (:
i think i'm really the blissful ones to have all of you with me, have a blast!!

May 26,

June 01, 
hang out with the bro before meet my girls,
went allan's chili panmee which located in ss15 as lunch
thanks for the ride broooo :) even though you are a bit late haha, but still thanks!!!

meet the girls, shopped and chat for really short hours,
but really nice to see you girls :) ai ni men, soon will meet again okie!!

June 02,

it's my birthday, hang out with ze boyfie :)
went tropicana city mall for movie-dark shadow,
johnny depp was fine but i dont really like the storyline, kind of weird!

then we have tongshui in k.t.z ss2, yayyyy honeydew :D
then ou-newyork newyork for dinner with mein er and kheng sin.
lastly he brought me go desaparkcity for walk :)
hehe just so sweet okieee, dont jealous :P

谢谢你为我做的一切 :)
以前大家没有信心可以做到的事情,现在都一起度过了 :)
有你真好 (: 谢谢你把我捧在手心里.我真的很幸福 ♥

friends & family! thanks for all the gift :) lots of love ♡♡♡

谢谢每一个爱我的人 :,)

lastly, thanks for all of the wishes from facebook/twitter/whatsapp/text messages!
thanks for all of you!!!! 

i'm officially eighteen :)