Friday, June 22, 2012

What doesn't kill you make you stronger,

Hi! Shall blog about my uni's life before those "emo" moment..
today, june 22. me as a collegers for around four weeks.
how time flies :( not really settled down in uni yet :(

can i blame for someone who actually said that first sem in uni is the most relax sem?
ME, strongly disagree with that! who the heck ever said that :(
trust me, first sem in uni is TOUGH.
as you are a newbie in uni, everything's new and can you imagine that!!
As i leaved chkl and am not studying for freaking two months,
and you have to buck up in real short time in such short sem..
ohmygosh, so freaking torture :(

and.... lecturers are not going to spoon-feed you as you are eighteen,
eighteen considered as adult and you are independent though?
soo, :( i feel really stress and unhappy with that.
but no matter how, it's reality and you have to face it. no choice. :(

so assignments kill me! finally become "my things"
urgh.. just no intention to do anything today. i just wanna sleep.
no intention to do assignment or even start a words.
but i can sure that i will regret for not doing anything today.

yeah, essay writing about racism on monday in class,
mass comm pop quiz on tuesday.. and so on.
urgh. =( so dead. and there's few assignment wait for me too.

bear and cope with it =S please be stronger chaihuan :/

you are not alone. :)