Friday, August 31, 2012

It's always a good time :)

so yeahhhh it's sem break after twelve weeks of study in Taylor's :)
i'm so free noww! Fantastic baby! LOL
seriously i love holiday... no matter how upset how desperate am i,
an all day nap will made my day! cause i will be that energetic after all! hoho

after twelve freaking weeks of summer sem i'm not really newbie in uni after sem1,
rachel, ivan, eening and I have already applied for fall sem orientation leader after one sem..
I know is a bit funny though. but we need the cert so who cares? :p

so been doing really well for the past weeks,
went penny's 21st party, Jog For Hope, 30hours famine camp and etc.

Jog For Hope, #July15
ADP Blue monday, #July16
汇报演出 #July21
GuitarClubFarewell, #July23
30hours famine camp #july28,29
Penny's 21st, #August03

so the first few hours of sem break! :) lol just few hours!
went back to my high school CHKL with ma uniform after half years lol..
the purpose that we have to change uniform are for the class video!
is really odd to put my uniform on again :/ oopsie... but yeah it still fits!
thanks god at first i kinda worry of it though! yipee that mean I not really gain my weight :p

BackToSchool, #August15

i love staying home and sleep all night all night :D sleep is my hobby..
haha it is one of the awesome feelings that you don't have to wake at freaking 6am.
then drive to school all the way and back all the way from school repeating everyday-.-
but seriously i feel that im lucky already. at least i dont have to take public transport like..
even waste time + DANGEROUS!

So meet up all the lovelie people i planned to meet during the sem breaks,
except for joyee chermaine sherilyn :/ ok i miss you girls..
but is okay i feel really contented already :) i meet most of the people i wanted to meet.
even the "punctual girl" shinyi i also managed to meet k! hahaha :D

BFF day out, #August19

Supposedly went lagoon with ze collegemates  
but i have a serious headache in early morning so.. i ffked.
k dont scream at me.. i'm not ffk queen lol.. stop that shit :p
hahaha so i planned another lagoon trip with ze brother and boyfie :)
i am a bit disappointed though, because every games have really long queue.
AGAIN.. failed to play the pirate ship due to the freaking rain.
i actually really feel brave enough to try already :/ i got no fate with you lagoon pirate ship :/ 
btw the theme of the month for scream park are really so bad -_- dislike it... LAME

Let's Get Wet! @ Sunway Lagoon #August20
Inseong's farewell #August 25

Last outing before the sem starts,
haha just out of sudden planned for like around two days to go malacca
boyfie is good enough to handle that so yes we are on for it to our very first road trip
went with ze best friends- Rachel Ivan Elaine Charlene and Topman!

At first we are kind of lost cause when we reached malacca.. we lost our way,
our first stop: the campus tour of UTem Malacca. -_-
went to a kampung ulu way that have chicken farm. you shit GPS..
so we waste like one hours find our way out from that.. lol 
luckily WAZE save us! (fyi it is a mobile GPS application that are quite accurate)
aha WAZE is really a good application if you don't have a Garmin or TomTom GPS!
btw beside that please remember to search for all the address k! is better for you.
organizers like me, kinda smart :p so i did research and it save a lot of time..
AT LEAST we don't have to plan the things the moment we reached.. (Y)

Things to eat
1) Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball √ (Limited rice balls for customer :/)
2) Fruit Tea @Jonker Street √ (love the apple+ peach)
3) Eggs Ice-Cream @Jonker Street  √ (Lycee the first choice )
4) Nadeje Cafe for layer cake √  (I personally love the original one.)
5) A Famosa Satay Celuk √ (people introduce Capitol Satay Celuk, but it is closed on tuesday:( )

got myself two profile pic! photo credits to ivan! thanks :P


RM3 each i personal like the lycee flavor :)

Malacca Road Trip, #August28

Lastly, the two photos below are my Precal and English classmates :)
seriously i meet lots awesome people from Taylor's ADP!
errr yes. i think i kind of used to the college life already..

on the other hand, sem break is around the corner already..
back to school in two days time :/ 
seriously feel a lil sick of it already.. cause college is really STRESS.
anyway im still in dilemma that i can't assure that what subject to take.
as i really scare i can't cope with 4+1 subject. so i'm still thinking,yet.
besides that, yes we are not that freshmen anymore..
haha good luck to us orientation leader on monday :)

ADP Fall Semester!
Let's work hard for it! aza aza fighting! :)

CHKLians! Good luck in your UEC trials kay :)
Prom night in three months time! so excited that i am incharging of PR post :)
olalala time to sleeep! gonna adjust my time back before school starts!

till then, xx