Wednesday, June 25, 2014


it's been ages, since i blogged....
life is awesomely good, much appreciated..
to have people i love do things together for the past few months.

anyway this is the longest holiday ever! (from 2014 january to 2014 august)

i have been enjoying the holiday to fullest..
travelling, working, travelling, outings and so on...

uncountable outings for this year,
cause i wish i could spend more time with my family, my lover also my best friends.

i hope the passion of blogging still there and i wish i don't get lazy so easily after all.

also, i find blogging somehow helps in improving my english,
even though every single blog post of mine might have some grammar mistake..
but whatsoever, as long as I'm comfortable and happy with it..

a lil summary about my vacation these months!
finally cross off from my bucket list hehe :D

February, Thailand, Bangkok with jane,weiying
March, Singapore with jane, allan, samantha, boonthiam, andrew
May, Penang, Taiwan, Malaaca (sucha packed month, but enjoy it!)
& in few weeks time I'm going to United States with my sisters woo can't wait!
one last trip before Uni starts! :D

how i wish i could be a traveller in future :p
at least an oversea tour every year in future! ola wish i can do it when i start working after graduation :D

anyway i bet no one actually read my blog after so long,
back to blogging because i wanna blog for myself :)

also for my family when i headed to the states :)
another way to update them my life over there!

till then,
xx emi

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